, CPSCM™, CGNE™, President, Purchasing Advantage, CEO, Center for PSCM Excellence

Omid Ghamami

Omid Ghamami, MBA, CPSCM™ is one of the most recognized global authorities in procurement transformation and negotiation strategy. He has 18 years’ experience with Intel Corp as a purchasing executive, where he lead Intel’s Global Purchasing Operations Organization with a $16B scope.  Since 1995, he has worked with Fortune 500 procurement executives in 25 countries, helping to transforming their organizations from overhead functions into Value Added Centers of Profit.   He is the author of 2 bestselling procurement books and many articles in global business journals.  He has been featured in interviews with SAP Ariba and Fortune Magazine and regularly lectures at Harvard University’s Supply Chain Management Program.

The Keynote

The CPO Agenda – Transforming Procurement into a Value-Added Center of Profit

This will be a transformational presentation that will focus on key strategies for CPOs (Chief Purchasing Officers) to turn their procurement organization from cost and overhead centers into value added centers of profit.

This will show critical strategies to make the negotiation pie bigger, using information that is not presented in the normal course of negotiations.  Strategies to engage in investigative negotiations will be presented, along with value creation strategies that may be subsequently developed and leveraged to achieve next level results.  Powerful case studies will be leveraged to demonstrate the opportunity drive this transformative negotiation approach.

The Workshop

Investigative Negotiations and Value Creation – Strategies to Make the Negotiation Pie Bigger


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