Chief Procurement Officer, Bayer AG

Thomas Udesen

Thomas leads the dynamic Procurement function at Bayer, the global Life Science company. “Health for all, hunger for none” is Bayer’s vision and the guiding principle for Thomas and his leadership team.

Procurement is determined to ignite Bayer’s external partners, to enable profitable and sustainable growth benefiting patients, farmers and consumers around the world. Procurement’s value add is not limited to financials but includes crucial levers like innovation and new business models. Moreover, his team contributes to safeguarding the reputation of Bayer by unconditional adherence to the principles of sustainability, with proactive risk management and by ensuring compliance.

Sustainability is a matter close to Thomas’ heart, inspiring and driving him way beyond his Bayer duties. With the Sustainable Procurement Pledge #SPP, Thomas has privately co-founded this initiative. He strives to activate #SPP Ambassadors around the globe to drive a much-needed change towards responsible behavior and sustainable decision-making across supply chains.

At Bayer, Thomas reports directly to the CFO. His team of around 1,500 professionals manages an annual spend of ~21 billion Euros.


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